Famous Chefs Tell Us Where To Find The Best Pizza

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05.30.17 33 Comments

Thanks to pervasive pizza chains and frozen options, there may not be a single moment — day or night — that you have to spend without a hot slice in your hand. This is a good thing, because people love pizza with a fervor matched only by their love for 90s-era boy bands and 2000s-era Harry Potter books. The downside of this abundance is that people become emotionally attached to some pretty subpar pizza. Just because you can eat [insert name of chain you don’t like because I won’t risk putting in one I don’t like and getting my butt chewed in the comments] every day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be out searching for the perfect pie. Ya dig?

You are fully encouraged to spend large amounts of your time and money combing through the streets of your city looking for pizza nirvana. We can totally support you in justifying your diminishing bank balance and inflating waistline. Or, you can take the advice of some renowned chefs who have done a lot of the leg work for you. As you read through the responses below, be sure to note that one of them mentions pineapple. Pineapple, now chef approved. If you don’t like it you can move to Iceland.

To the chefs!

Chef Mark McDonald — Executive Chef and Owner, Old Vine Cafe

Since I travel so frequently to Italy, I save my wood fired thin crust cravings for the real thing. Instead, I go thick crust in the states. One of my team members introduced me to Giordano’s and their shipping service. They ship the pizza par-baked, and it’s almost as good out of the oven at home as it is in Chicago.

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