You Can Fly To Europe For $63 As Of Today


Primera Air is going hard in the paint against budget carriers Norwegian and WowAir. As of Today, they’re offering flights between Boston and Paris for $69 each way plus a 10 percent discount. That’s $63 one way to freakin’ Europe, people. This is not a drill!

For comparison’s sake, a bottle of Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey costs $69. That means if you’re in Boston during September or October of this year, you can either buy a very nice bottle of Kentucky’s finest or buy a ticket to a whole new set of experiences on the other side of the globe. This isn’t a tough decision.

The sale started today and also includes $99 ($90 with the 10 percent discount) one-way flights between New York, Boston, Washington, DC, and London and Brussels as well as Paris (you’ll have to shop for these prices). If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost to get home, they’re also putting roundtrip tickets on sale for $215 from Boston to Paris and $235 to London. Oh, and there’s still a 10 percent discount on top of that already crazy cheap fare. Seriously, the time to buy is now. Just think, next week at this exact time you could be sitting at a brasserie on the streets of Paris drinking wine and watching the world go by.

So, instead of dropping a grand on the next generation iPhone this September, spend $215 of that money on a plane ticket and the remaining $785 on having a killer time exploring Paris or anywhere in Europe in the autumn. That’s a big win and we’re sure your current smartphone is perfectly fine anyway.