This Chicken Nugget Bouquet Will Make You Forget Flowers Ever Existed


What’s the point of flowers? Sure, they smell good for a few days, but they quickly wither and die leaving you a big ole’ greasy mess to throw out — is there anything worse than dirty flower water? — and an existential reminder that all the things you love will one day be torn away from you. Forget that. You know what’s better than flowers? Chicken nuggets. Because you can eat those and then think fondly of the memory. Can you do that with flowers? Helllll naaaaaah.

Now think about this: If chicken nuggets are okay by themselves (so good), how great do you think it would be if the person you loved most in the world presented you with an entire bouquet of them? I repeat — an entire bouquet.

That’s exactly what happened to Annika Aguinaldo, a 19-year-old student from Manila who told her boyfriend (who she’s known since they were kids) that if he wanted to get her a present, she’d much rather prefer chicken McNuggets to flowers. This wasn’t a surprise. According to Buzzfeed, the pair had a lot of memories invested in Mickey D’s:

Aguinaldo told BuzzFeed News that the first time the couple hung out together was at a McDonald’s. Since then, they’ve shared small, fast food-related acts of kindness, like surprising each other with chicken nuggets when they knew the other hadn’t eaten.

While other boyfriends may have scoffed and thought “all women love flowers,” Aguinaldo’s dude –Rico Villanueva — took her message to heart. And when he invited Aguinaldo to meet him for a “surprise,” he gave her something she always wanted but had never actually expected. That’s right, here it is, a bouquet of chicken nuggets.

Look how happy she is! That’s the face of a woman who knows she’s found a keeper. And I bet he didn’t even make her share her bounty with him. That’s true love!

That would have been enough — I mean, what do people want more than true love? — but it wasn’t the end. Not only did Aguinaldo have her tweet shared all around the world (over 30,00 retweets!) but even McDonald’s got into the act, inviting the couple for a very fancy meal in one of their very fancy restaurants.

This isn’t the first time someone has been gifted with a chicken bouquet. Last year, an Alabama man gave his girlfriend an arrangement made with staples from Chick-Fil-A (she reciprocated with a Reese’s bouquet). But they didn’t get invited to enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Your move, Chick!

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