A Bridal Party Ditched The Flowers To Hold Rescue Dogs For A Good Cause

Puppies are so great. Everyone loves puppies! Weddings are pretty great too. As long as there are fun people, good music, and maybe (hopefully) an open bar, it’s hard to have a bad time at a wedding. Put them together, and the combination not only results in one of the best events imaginable but produces some exceedingly adorable pictures to boot. That was exactly the case at a wedding in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania (insert Orland Bloom movie joke here) when Sarah Mallouk Crain, who works at a local rescue organization, added a group of rescue pups to her wedding day. Each dog was named after a first lady – Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa – which is a fun detail added to a already cute tableau.

The dogs were boxer-coonhound mixes and it’s probably not a stretch to say that any of the groomsmen who are single have their featured Tinder photos already picked out. Because seriously, who can say no to a guy in a suit holding a wrinkly and adorable dog. These dogs are in foster homes waiting to be adopted, and the bride and groom serve as foster parents and full time parents to multiple dogs. What better way to prove how much you love helping rescue dogs than to ditch the flowers on your wedding take and pick up an armful of precious fluff balls instead.

The bride says she wants the photos to encourage many other people to get involved with shelters and rescue animals too, so get to it people!

(via Inside Edition)