Chipotle Will Give You A Free Burrito Right This Second, And All You Have To Do Is Play A Dumb Game

If you’re ready to brave a meal at America’s (former) favorite fast Mexican establishment, Chipotle has an enticing offer to bring you back: A free burrito. It’s been a ploy they’ve been working hard for awhile now, and they aren’t done yet. This time, all you have to do is watch an original animated film (very short) and play a memory game in which you memorize and match wholesome Chipotle ingredients while making sure to toss items full of preservatives and artificial flavorings.

“Seriously,” we imagine a Chipotle exec saying, “make them do the absolute bare minimum.”

“Man,” you might respond (between bites of burrito because, obviously), “that sounds like a not-so-subtle way to condition me into believing that Chipotle has my best interests at heart and ensure my undying loyalty until the next E. coli outbreak.” Well, you’re absolutely right! That’s exactly what it is. But if you’re willing to recognize that in order to get your free burrito, this could be a pretty sweet deal.

From Chipotle’s Investor Relations Page:

“A Love Story” illustrates how competition among food businesses has caused food to become increasingly processed and filled with added colors and flavors. The film — which has been viewed more than 61 million times — follows the story of two young entrepreneurs, Ivan and Evie, and the escalating rivalry that leads them to build competing fast food empires with vast menus and heavily processed food.

We can’t really complain if the movie is about burritos, that’s just not how we roll. Also, we like free stuff. See you in line.

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