Chipotle Hopes To Win You Back With A Temporary Loyalty Program

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Chipotle has either been listening to a lot of Drake or watching a lot of Game of Thrones. That’s the only way we can imagine someone hatching the idea of a temporary loyalty program. That’s right, a temporary loyalty program. One that lasts just long enough to remind you that you can safely eat a burrito bowl without the fear of being colonized by potentially deadly bacteria. The down-on-its-luck burrito chain is hoping to win customers back with a program dubbed “Chiptopia,” which will run from July to September.

Guests will be rewarded by the number of times they visit the chain in a month, earning free entrees as they progress through three levels of fandom. It’s the latest attempt by the chain to draw customers back in following a series of E. coli and norovirus outbreaks at some of their locations.

The chain has already given away tons of free burritos to try and woo those fickle teens back into their stores, but their overall sales have fallen off drastically since last year. The chain was even knocked off its perch of “America’s favorite Mexican restaurant” (because Americans are smart enough to know that E. coli = bad, but dumb enough to not realize that Moe’s = trash).

Presumably, Chipotle are running “Chiptopia” temporarily to see if it will actually work where other programs have failed. Fingers crossed?

(Via NBC News)