Denver Has Legalized Weed In Restaurants, Which Should Lead To Some Fun Yelp Reviews

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This morning, Denver voted in a pretty standard food-related measure which legalized BYO marijuana in clubs, bars, and restaurants (with a few provisos). The initiative was expected to pass — considering the immense success that Colorado has had with recreational weed and the great budget flexibility it’s provided, the state’s residents probably don’t want to slow down their new gravy train.

“This is a victory for cannabis consumers who, like alcohol consumers, simply want the option to enjoy cannabis in social settings,” Kayvan Khalatbari, a Denver businessman who fronted the measure, said.

Besides making it possible for users to vape indoors (get yours, Leo!), consume edibles, or smoke in a designated area (all dependent on the restaurant’s permit), the measure also sets the table for pot clubs or cannabis table service in the future. Meaning: A day when you sit down to have a five-course weed tasting menu, order a dessert made with hash oil, or enjoy your entree paired with Hawaiian kush isn’t too far away.

For now, pot users will have to settle for smoking, vaping, or popping edibles that they brought themselves, which should bring forth some pretty wonderful Yelp comments. It could also lead to lots of “let’s order a second dessert” moments.

Clearly, the measure is yet another sign of increasing acceptance of marijuana as a favored intoxicant across the country.

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