Leonardo DiCaprio And His Vape Pen Were Apparently The Hottest Topic At The SAG Awards

The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show
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The headlines for Saturday night’s SAG Awards trumpet the diversity of the awards, honor the lifetime achievements of Carol Burnett, and talk highly of the winners from all the different avenues of media. Idris Elba and Jeffrey Tambor graciously accepted awards for powerful roles, Viola Davis commented on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy by bluntly saying that diversity is not a “trending topic,” and a lot of Oscars expectations got locked up.

But among the headlines stood a moment that was caught near the 7 P.M. mark of the event. A moment that has happened before in real life, but never among the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood awards show. A single act that seemed to stand out from the rest of the powerful statements to say, “hey, I’m just being me.” I’m talking, of course, about Leonardo DiCaprio and his vape pen. Right there, sitting next Kate Winslet and Alejandro Iñárritu, DiCaprio whips it out and goes to town. And the worst part? He makes it look cool.

That wasn’t the only DiCaprio moment of the night, of course. He won for The Revenant, which really boosts his chances for that first sweet Oscar win. Then he was charming backstage, particularly when one reporter asked him to name a song that would define the moment. He could not, but we have a good inkling at which it should be.

He also sat right next to Kate Winslet and the two shared a hug when DiCaprio won his award. They could share a hug, but they couldn’t share a floating door. There’s a reason they’re not kissing.

The 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Show
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But it was the vape pen that really seemed to mark DiCaprio’s night. He actually makes it look like a classy move or something you’d see Humphrey Bogart do in one of those CGI ads for Blu E-Cigs. One could certainly see Leo smoking his pen in this manner while buying and selling people to fill out his crew.

It was notable enough to spark this gem over at E News, describing the moment DiCaprio took a puff during the awards:

DiCaprio’s mouth stands open just so, poised for a hit of that sweet, sweet vapor. Sure, he’s sitting next to the legendary Alejandro Iñárritu, but who cares? There’s no time for intellectual talk about making arthouse films, because Leo only has eyes for Vapey. Iñárritu may as well be chopped liver. (Bison liver, amirite?).

Pardon me, I’ll be back.

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On Twitter, the vaping seemed to inspire a variety of responses. Some wanted to start vaping when they saw DiCaprio vaped, likely forcing Stephen Dorff to start crying himself to sleep.

Others did not like finding out that DiCaprio enjoyed his vapor. It isn’t a secret that the star used a vape pen, but you can only assume that these folks were taken by surprise or somehow wished he only smoked cigarettes like Johnny Depp or something.

And then we have those wonderful folks who desperately wanted to be the vape pen as part of some sort of sexual fantasy. You have to be particularly fond of the people who want this to be the type of relationship they have with their significant other. A cautionary reminder that staying single isn’t the worst thing in the world.

And so ends the saga of Leonardo DiCaprio vaping at the SAG Awards. Will he also attempt it at the Oscars? Will he one day write an entire chapter in his memoirs about his relationship with his vape pen? And did he and Tom Hardy ever try this in real life while filming The Revenant? I’m sure it was part of the hardships of making the film. No oil refills, only 3G service, and oatmeal everyday for breakfast. The horrors of award winning filmmaking.

(Via E News / The Hollywood Reporter)