Fast Food Employees Reveal What You Should Never, Ever Order At Their Restaurants

11.28.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

Before the internet, it was hard to tell what was safe and not safe for consumption at your favorite fast food establishment. For years, millions of us stumbled through an uncertain world, ordering items that were not fit to eat or violating our own ethical standards (fun fact: literally nothing at Panda Express is vegetarian, something they will actually admit if you really press the issue). But now we have Reddit, a place that will answer any question — big or small, whether you wanted it answered or not — to make food ordering easier.

Two years ago, employees of fast food restaurants took to the site to warn others of what offerings should be avoided at all costs and now, with the world of fast and easy dining changing so quickly, Reddit’s fast food experts (the people who work behind the counter) are back to offer new and important tips you should follow when dining at the mall this holiday season.

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