In Which Members Of The Uproxx Staff Review Fast Food Favorites

and 03.24.16 3 years ago 74 Comments
The idea for this piece came from an Uproxx staff discussion on Slack, a popular chat software we use to communicate with each other. The subject was fast food and, after about 5,000 messages, two things became clear: 1) everyone had an opinion and 2) everyone deemed themselves an expert. Food is like that. Of all the things that get “reviewed,” it’s clearly the most accessible. That’s actually exactly why I think food is so cool: we all have a pretty high degree of authority when discussing the things we’ve eaten.

The strong opinions in that discussion became the germ of a bigger idea. I wanted to have our writers eat one fast food item, then really give it a proper review. Can a $3 burger hold up to an $18 burger at a mid-level eatery? Is there any fast food that can transcend “good for fast food” and move into the realm of “just plain good?” Was there enough variety of flavors and textures to make any dish genuinely notable? Or could all of the reviews be summed up by writing “meh, it’s fast food…whatever.”

-Steve Bramucci, Managing Editor, Uproxx Life

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