There’s Now An Official ‘Game of Thrones’ Wine For All You Would-Be Lannisters

Get your goblets and chalices ready, there’s now an official Game of Thrones wine. The hit HBO show has already inspired a beer collaboration between HBO and Brewery Ommegang. But, “Winter is coming” soon and you’ll need something to sip on to stay warm during the harsh Winterfell weather. You can pour yourself one of the official beers, but you don’t often see people in Westeros partaking in the frothy beverage (it’s left for the inns and peasants). If you want to drink like Tyrion Lannister, you’ll want to grab a bottle (or two) of Game of Thrones wine.

Lucky for you, Vintage Wine Estates just released a line of wines for you to drink while you watch the hit HBO show (or await its return). In an exclusive partnership with HBO, the winery has created a line of Game of Thrones-inspired wines, including: a Chardonnay and a reserve-style Cabernet Sauvignon that King Joffrey probably wishes he had a chance to enjoy.

“Any fan of Game of Thrones appreciates the role wine plays in the saga,” says vintner Pat Roney, President and CEO, Vintage Wine Estates. “We are very excited to partner with HBO to give those fans some delicious wines to sip as they plot their own paths to the Iron Throne.”

The wine will be available nationwide in the spring, just in time for the season 7 premiere.