All Men Must Pour This Brewery’s New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Beer

Valar Morghulis means all men must die. The appropriate Faceless Men response is Valar Dohaeris, or all men must serve. And Brewery Ommegang is serving. The business has cornered the market on top-notch craft brews. It also landed the very coveted rights to brew Game of Thrones-labeled beers for HBO. Instead of taking a gimmicky or novelty route, though, Ommegang actually took their time and brewed some quality ales for the fans. And the fans have shown their love for the Game of Thrones beers.

There’s a lot of green between now and summer 2017, when we’ll finally get a truncated season seven. So the good people over at Ommegang announced the release of a new beer to get us through the long summer and what will assuredly be a very long winter — Valar Dohaeris. Bill Wetmore, general manager and marketing director for Brewery Ommegang, got the idea from season six’s arc in the House of Black and White: “When we got a sense of the season’s key plot points, we knew right away Valar Dohaeris was the new beer name and that bringing back Valar Morghulis was a must.”

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Valar Dohaeris joins Ommegang’s already popular Game of Thrones beers Iron Throne, Take the Black Stout, Fire and Blood, Valar Morghulis, Three-Eyed Raven and Seven Kingdoms. Valar Dohaeirs is a Belgian style ale, at 9 percent ABV. It’s brewed with pils, wheat and oats, flaked barley, and hopped with noble hops. According to Ommegang, the ale has “a bright sweetness thanks to the Belgian candi sugar used in brewing. The finish is moderately dry and effervescent with just a hint of Belgian yeast character.” That sounds delicious.

Ommegang will be re-releasing their extremely popular Valar Morghulis at the same time, October 10th. You’ll be able to purchase both beers in a gift pack along with a commemorative glass. Each beer will be sold separately in 750 ml corked and caged bottles for $9.99. Or, you can head down to your local craft pub and get either beer off the tap. Of course, these are limited outings. So once it’s gone, we may have the long wait until Ommegang blesses us with the ale’s return.

(Via IGN and Ommegang)