Gordon Ramsay Is Dunking On Home Cooks On Twitter And It Is Glorious

Gordon Ramsay is much more well-known for mincing garlic than mincing words. In a perfect world, if you Googled the phrase “telling it like it is”, you would be greeted with a picture of a smirking Ramsay. He really doesn’t care much for sugar coating. In fact, he probably despises it, even on cookies.

It’s this brutal honesty that has propelled the chef throughout his career. What would Kitchen Nightmares be if Ramsay spoke softly and nicely instead of yelling directly into the participants’ dumb, stubborn faces? Boring, that’s what. Not only that, but it would be unwatchable. Nobody wants to see Ramsay being nice to people. He’s a very talented chef, but much of his appeal is from the idea that he doesn’t care if he makes you cry while he’s teaching you to make the best goddamn souffle you’ve ever seen in your life. Somehow, in this world of cloyingly sweet celebrity chef personalities, that’s really refreshing.

Recently, Ramsay has decided to take his aggressive, no-holds-barred cooking critiques to Twitter. Take one look at his feed and you’ll see him obliterating home cooks because of their sloppy plating skills and the not-so-delicious appearance of their dishes. What could be better than having the world’s most angry chef say “Looks like the inside of my grand dads colostomy bag” about your dinner?

These are some of the best food recent roasts from the culinary roast master general that is Gordon Ramsay:

Need more? Ramsay’s timeline has got more burns than a four-alarm fire. Surprisingly, he actually throws in a compliment every now and then. But, obviously those are few and far between. Most of the feed is pretty ruthless. The only possible course of action is to make dinner tonight, take a photo and send it along to Ramsay for judgement. I can’t think of anything better than enjoying your dinner, knowing that Gordon Ramsay hates you and hates what you’re eating.