‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Amy Was Afraid Her Crazy Husband Was Going To Kill Gordon Ramsay

By now you’ve probably heard about Amy and Sammy Bouzaglo, the owners of Amy’s Baking Company & Pizzeria in Scottsdale, Arizona who were recently revealed to be absolute monsters during an episode of Kitchen Nightmares. They stole the waitstaff’s tips, admitted to firing over one hundred people, and screamed at EVERYONE, including a customer who had waited in excess of an hour for his probably-terrible pizza. Things got so bad, even Gordon Ramsay, a man who constantly looks like an inflamed pimple that’s about to pop, had to walk out of the restaurant, something he’s never done before. Then came the meltdown.

Since then, two Redditors, one who’s friends with Amy’s cousin and another who was at the restaurant the night of the Kitchen Nightmares taping, have spoken out about the Bouzaglos. SPOILER ALERT: they’re f*cking nuts.

“Radconwhiteknight” is the friend of the cousin, and she wrote:

My friend also says that Samy is a super f*cking creepy guy in real life and that everyone is kind of scared of him. In fact, Amy called the police on him after Ramsey left because she was afraid that Samy (being an Israeli ex-Patriot who has gone through several years of military service) was going to follow Ramsey and kill him. Not that he ever said that he was going to, its just how crazy Amy is that she would believe that. (Via)

Could be real, could be fake, but it’s totally real. “grtaylor2,” meanwhile, was at Amy’s during one of its many ill-fated nights and he wrote a blog post about what it was like witnessing the Bouzaglo’s madness.

The dinner was ok — just ok for $80. I found the introduction of jalapenos into Italian food was odd, but whatever. (Ramsey actually makes a similar comment in the show.)

Now for the good part: We did witness the couple sending back a salad, which made Samy insane. This behavior that you see (or will see) on the show is 100% true to form and not doctored for TV.

These restauranteurs are crazy and I was blown away how they treat their employees. Their food is ok (at best.) Amy & Samy can call me a moron for saying so, but it is what it is. (Via)

Worst of all, he had to drink Bud Light because “they had no proper beers on the menu.” SEND THEM TO HELL.

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