Gordon Ramsey Makes Reindeer Blood Pancakes In This Exclusive Clip From Sunday’s ‘Uncharted’ Finale

Part of what makes Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted a fun watch is being able to see the chef look absolutely uncomfortable in every episode. If you only know Chef Ramsay for his love of profanity and his fierce temper, you’ll be happy to see how his travel show, now wrapping up its second season on National Geographic, manages to ground and humanize him in a way that feels relatable. It’s also often hilarious (there’s a nice jolt of schadenfreude that comes from watching the hyper-skilled chef flail).

While Chef Ramsay is certainly the king of the kitchen, when he’s scouring the waters of Tasmania on the hunt for giant spiny lobsters or harvesting mussels in South Africa or getting his hands dirty scavenging for ingredients in Indonesia, he’s a fish out of water. That’s a refreshing way to see one of the world’s most abrasive celebrity chefs. But location be damned he’s still Gordon Ramsay, so all of that trademark anger and wit is still intact — only instead of being directed at the locals, it’s reserved for criticizing and examining his own shortcomings.

For this week’s finale, we follow Chef Ramsay to the freezing shores of Norway right at the height of winter. If you’ve ever felt like the overly critical chef deserves a little of what he dishes out, you’ll love watching him dive for shellfish in an icy fjord or clumsily wrangling reindeer.

Hijinks aside, it’s the cuisine that’s really the highlight of this episode, as Ramsay learns how to utilize every part of a reindeer while making an epic Christmas feast. When we say “every part” we really mean it — from footwear to the unappetizingly named “blood pancakes” that Ramsay makes in the clip above, no part of the reindeer is wasted.

The finale of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted airs Sunday on National Geographic at 10/9c.