There’s A Clear Winner In The Burger King Vs. Taco Bell Burrito War

The race to create the perfect fast-food burrito appears to have amped up in the past couple weeks. First there was the news of Burger King’s Whopperrito, the flame-broiled burger-burrito mashup, followed closely by Taco Bell’s release of its Cheesy Core burritos (of the Spicy and Crunchy varieties).

These closely timed launches brought up a few huge questions: Could Burger King, a restaurant that’s made its name selling hamburgers and fries (and, er, Mac n’ Cheetos), actually produce a burrito to rival the almighty Taco Bell and its extensive line of tortilla-wrapped creations? Would the underdog come out ahead in the rivalry of the decade? Would our burrito paradigm be shifted forever?

They were questions that begged to be answered, and so, come lunchtime, I hopped in my car and prepared my tastebuds for a career-making mission.

Initial Impressions

Even without unwrapping my fast-food booty, I could tell that the Whopperrito was definitely the larger of the two burritos. On my kitchen scale, it clocked in at a hefty 11.45 ounces, nearly two ounces heavier than the Cheesy Core Burrito.

Side by side and unwrapped, the Whopperrito looked more sprawling, too. It was also more lumpy, which, as I would discover soon enough, is due to the chopped-up bits of Whopper patty inside.

Cutting the two burritos open was my next method of comparison. While neither looked like their promotional photos (obviously), the Cheesy Core burrito was more compact and juicy-looking than the Whopperrito, which looked dry and slightly unappealing, as though a Whopper had literally been chopped up and wrapped in a flour tortilla (which is kinda the point, I suppose).

Stomach growling and observations complete, it was time to put the two burritos to the test.

Taste Test: The Whopperrito

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant, but even I’m not crazy enough to have thought up something like the Whopperrito. As a refresher, its contents include Burger King’s signature flame-grilled beef, seasoned with a “special blend of spices” to give it a more burrito-y flavor, queso, pickles, diced onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. It’s a cheeseburger in a flour tortilla, except that the cheese has been replaced with queso.