Twitter Reactions To ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Will Give You A Nostalgia Rush

Yesterday, countless people around the world purchased a stageplay script for the first time in their lives. We’ll save you the time of checking to see if Glengarry Glenn Ross is on the bestseller list, it’s a Harry Potter thing. The script is a continuation of the Harry Potter story called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and it’s fair to say that people are freaking out.

Twitter was still a baby when the last Harry Potter story was released, but it’s now developed to the point that we can watch people lose it in real time. Check out some of the best reactions below:

First, let’s have a moment of silence for all the folks who couldn’t get their hands on it:

Especially those who couldn’t get it due to this super appropriate reason:

As with any nostalgic nerd-out, people are going to ask why you still care. Luckily, Potter fans are armed with the perfect response:

When the script did finally come, fans were ecstatic:

Some of that goodwill even extended into the reading, with folks finding shades of their favorite ‘ship:

But just as many people saw the fanfiction-y angle in a less flattering light, going so far as to compare it to one of the world’s most notorious Harry Potter fanfics:

Critiques aside, there’s never a bad reason to use this .gif:

And most folks were simply too excited to care:

Much like another pop culture institution, the latest Harry Potter story brought out the anti-spoiler brigade:

And at least one astute observation:

Of course, many people gobbled the play up as quickly as possible. Leaving them with that same feeling they felt at the end of the last book, knowing there’s no more to look forward to: