The Most Innovative Ways We’ll Utilize Holograms In The Near Future


Holographic technology has captured the public’s imagination since the 1960s and 70s, when science fiction films first started to depict theoretical future applications of the then brand new medium. A hologram is a photographic recording of a light field that is able to recreate and present an image in full 3D. Since their creation in 1962, holograms have been utilized in far more practical ways than the sensationalized depictions from science fiction — everywhere from the security strips found in Blu-Ray and CD cases to anti-theft technology that’s present in our credit cards and IDs.

Current advances in holographic technology have opened the door for holograms to become an even bigger part of our lives — shaping everything from how we navigate while we drive to how our doctors diagnose illness. We’re not even too far off from holograms being utilized in ways we’ve only ever seen in movies, finally catching up to our cinematic-imaginations of how holographic technology might develop.

Here are the most innovative ways we’ll utilize holograms in the near future.