The Best Cities To See Street Art, Plus ‘Must See’ Spots In Each City

Getty Image/Uproxx

The internet has allowed creators and their audiences to connect in unprecedented ways. But while the internet is indeed an effective tool for spreading art, if you aren’t searching for something specific, it likely won’t reveal itself to you.

Street artists say f*ck that. Their form is immediate and imposing. It pops up in your face and demands a response — sometimes when you aren’t even in the mood. As such, it’s one of the few things that can make us stop for a second and look up from our damn phones… if only for a moment, as we decide which social media platform we want to show our newly discovered artwork off on.

World-renowned artists and the tastemakers of tomorrow use entire cities as their canvases — beautifying and revitalizing neighborhoods from coast to coast and providing those who don’t always have the time or means to visit a museum with a visual treat. Street art also levels the playing field for amateur artists who can’t get a spot in a gallery. It’s a defiant, beautiful, and important form.

Naturally, some cities do a better job celebrating street art than others. To help you get up on the scene, we’ve collected a list of cities where you can be sure to find awesome paste-ups, graffiti, and murals. Take a concrete gallery tour with us, while we dive into the 15 greatest cities in America to see street art.

Atlanta, Georgia

It’s no surprise that Atlanta has great street art, the city is incredibly invested in its art community. Atlanta is home to some of the most famed museums — such as the High Museum of Art, which is arguably the greatest fine art museum in the entire south. Living Walls, an annual street art conference and neighborhood revitalization project groups artists together with building owners to paint on vacant buildings and transform neighborhoods into outdoor galleries.

Atlanta is also host to a wide range of other events and festivals that celebrate street art, music, food, and local culture. Hands down, it’s one of the top three cities to see street art in the entire country.

Must-Visit Spot: Krog Street Tunnel1 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

The Krog street tunnel connects the Atlanta neighborhoods of Cabbagetown, Reynoldstown, and Inman Park and is popular amongst bicyclists and pedestrians due to its high abundance of street art. In 2014, protesters painted over the walls with grey paint in retaliation to the city planning a private masquerade that would bare the public from accessing the tunnel, it’s a reminder that street art is for everyone not just the privileged few.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a city that understands the importance of community. Their infamous motto “Keep Austin Weird” isn’t just a t-shirt ready slogan — it’s a way of life. And that citywide commitment to out-of-the-box thinking is what has enabled Austin to be packed full of great street art everywhere you go.