The Rules To Urban Photography, According To A Pro

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Jason Lumsden

Photographers are drawn to beauty, and we are drawn to photographers. As of late, however, we’ve focused primarily on mother nature’s deft brushstrokes — whether in the beauty of a happy festival goer or the blue light bathing a coastline as the tide encroaches on the sand. Still, the manmade exquisiteness of an urban setting is no less cherished by followers on Instagram or writers at Uproxx.

If you’re more interested in skylines and architecture than trees and skies peppered with stars, we’ve got the info you need to take your work to the next level. Urban photographer Jason Lumsden, known to his thousands of Instagram followers as @waywelling, lives just outside of Chicago and can be found downtown every weekend capturing the city in sensational images. We discovered him when Nikon featured him as part of their #Nikon100 line-up.

“The city is alive and ever changing which provides endless opportunities to capture something amazing,” Lumsden says. “Whether it’s a new building, the way the light is shining that day, or Chicago’s infamous moody weather, there’s always something fresh to shoot.”

When Lumsden and his wife honeymooned in Santorini, Greece, he took as many pictures as he could with an iPhone 4, which was hardly the tool he needed to create the memories he wanted. At that moment, he vowed to never again be surrounded by such beauty without a way to take high-quality pics. He’s been rolling with professional gear ever since, honing his skills and treating followers with peak urban landscape images.

Here are Lumsden’s rules for capturing city vistas with a camera.

Rule 1: Get On Instagram

Jason Lumsden

Instagram just hooked me. The beautiful imagery that was readily available at our fingertips. Obviously, you have to find some amazing shooters out there, which is not hard to do on Instagram because there are plenty of them.

There are people that I find now that I’ve never even heard of that have like a hundred thousand followers. They’re incredible… but they started somewhere.

I think any artist when they first start is replicating others until they find their own style, which I feel like I’m just now starting to do. That’s about two years into the process. But I think styles are something that will be worked on throughout however long I do this. So hopefully, for the rest of my life, I’ll be trying to kind of shape and mold my style into whatever it’s gonna grow into.

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