You Apparently Can Get McDonald’s Fries Free For The Rest Of 2018

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Some of you are likely aware of McDonald’s special deals through its app, even if you haven’t been willing to download it. But this is a deal that could likely change some minds. Downloading the app and visiting your local McDonald’s each Friday can get you a free medium fries with a dollar purchase.


So for the price of a sweet tea or a regular cheeseburger, you can walk away from with free french fries every Friday through the end of 2018 — or close to it. That means every Friday through the holidays offers you a chance to taste the best item McDonald’s has to offer.

I’m sure there’s value in the app downloads that offset the free food costs. Still, fries have to be worth it, right? If anything, the gauntlet has been thrown, and it is down. Wendy’s, Burger King, and the others better get to work. Bring back those fifty-cent frosties!

(Via Buzzfeed)