Wendy’s Is ‘Beefing’ With McDonald’s On Twitter Again


Last year, McDonald’s made the tepid applause-worthy announcement that “all Quarter Pounder burgers at the majority of our restaurants will be cooked with fresh beef” by mid-2018. Now they’ve put a specific date on the fresh transition: May. It’s a step forward, and it’s also a reminder of how low the bar is in fast food.

So in comes Wendy’s to kick open the glass door (that must be cleaned every ten minutes) to remind the world that yes, they’ve always had fresh beef, and no, they’re not going to let McDonald’s get away with this. They dragged McDonald’s before and they will do it again.

Less than an hour later, Wendy’s rolled out a devastating series of blows against McDonald’s’ ugly-yet-satisfying burgers: images of them. It’s as if they had these locked and loaded for the moment they felt even slightly swagger jacked by the Golden Arches. It also puts any other fast food joints on notice — Wendy’s has pictures of your burgers and they’re not afraid to use them against you.

Look at this savagery. It’s almost as if Wendy’s isn’t aware of images of their own meals existing out in the wild. Some that horrifically don’t even have meat.

McDonald’s has not responded back, and maybe they never will.