A Review Of Kasama Small Batch Rum, A Fascinating Newcomer To The Aged-Rum Scene

Kasama Small Batch Rum is a rum that spans the globe. The juice is made in the Philippines. It’s then crafted and bottled in Poland. Finally, it’s sent to the U.S. for all of us to enjoy.

The rum comes from Alexandra Dorda. Dorda’s father launched iconic Polish vodka brands Belevedere and Chopin (for which Alexandra Dorda is the Brand Manager), so Dorda has the spirits-making chops in her DNA. However, when Dorda decided to get into the family business she looked not to her father but to her mother, who migrated to Poland from the Philippines. Dorda went to the Philippines — which has a rich rum history — and found a rum that highlights her Filippino ancestry, then sent that to Poland to highlight her Polish heritage.

It’s an interesting story that piqued our interest, so we gave it taste. Here’s what we thought!

Kasama Small Batch Rum


ABV: 40%

Average Price: $26

The Rum:

Kasama is a truly international spirit. The rum is made from noble cane juice. The distilled rum is then aged in ex-bourbon barrels for seven years under the warm, tropical sun in the Philippines. Finally, the juice is transported to Poland where it’s proofed and bottled.

Tasting Notes:

Wow. This noses exactly like a piña colada. There’s rich and creamy coconut mixed with fresh pineapple, a touch of sugar cane, soft vanilla, and a hint of sweet wood. The palate is like taking a sip of fresh pineapple juice with a very slight nod towards clove. The overall texture is silky smooth with the faintest touch of warmth. It’s really that piña colada with creamy coconut and the freshest, brightest pineapple juice that you’re left with.

The Bottle:

The bottle is a classic vodka-style bottle (perhaps giving a nod to Dorda’s Polish vodka experience). The raised palm leaves and postage stamp label give the bottle a true adventure vibe.

Bottom Line:

This was a breath of fresh air. It’s tropical, fruity sweet, and bright. It works really well as a simple sipper on the rocks or, naturally, mixed into a piña colada!


85/100 — this is a really good rum that has no rough edges and shines at this price point. It gets a slightly lower grade by being fairly one-note and not as complex as drams of rum full of spices, woods, and burnt sugars.

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