Not To Be Outdone, KFC Is Testing A Pizza With Chicken As The Crust

As bleak as the political climate in America seems, the fast food industry is just kinda f-ing around and having fun. This is especially true in the fried chicken department. Mere days ago, we were graced with the crispy, shell of wonder that is Taco Bell’s Fried Chicken Shell Chalupa. Not to be outdone, fellow Yum Brand, KFC is set to launch a mouth watering, if slightly-insane chicken crust pizza.

This is great news for anyone who A.) Is on a low carb diet (is Atkins still a thing?) and B.) Loves some of the Colonel’s finger locking good fried bliss. What could be better? Haven’t we always dreamed of slathering a bucket of KFC in marinara sauce and cheese? Well, maybe not. But, this chicken-based pizza is still probably pretty good. It’s basically a chicken-parm.

They are calling it the KFC Chizza (chicken and pizza, get it?). It’s the perfect portmanteau for an American consumer base that has been waiting for something outlandishly delicious since the Double Down. Remember the Double Down? It was a sandwich in which the bread was literally made of pieces of fried chicken.

The “Chizza” looks like your favorite pan pizza from childhood. The kicker is that instead of the usual crusty dough, this beast is centered on a thin circle of fried chicken. It’s then slathered with tomato sauce of some kind, mozzarella cheese and ham. At least this is what Twitter is saying. We assume there will be other toppings available. What’s pizza without pepperoni? A round, Frisbee of sadness that’s what.

Sadly, like so many exciting fast food phenomenons, the KFC Chizza is only currently available in the Philippines, India and just this week Singapore. So, unless you plan on flying across the world for a pizza that may or may not actually be good, you might have to wait a little.