The L.A. County Fair Has Some Amazing Foods To Tempt Your Resolve

Fair food has come a long way from elephant ears and corn dogs. Most of the offerings across America during summer fair season range from a public service announcement for diabetes to the wonder of a land of pure imagination. This year’s L.A. County Fair is no different. It’s offering some serious eats that’ll temp your resolve, and your blood sugar.

Some of the stand outs are fried chicken baked into waffles, insanely large burgers, and fried just about everything you can imagine. Have you every fancied a deep-fried sour pickle that’s been stuffed with Nutella and bacon? This abomination exists, proving there are no limits to L.A. County’s culinary imagination!

And, of course, there’s bacon added to everything. Check out these guacamole balls wrapped in bacon then deep fried, because #YOLO. One of the cooler items are near pieces of art in the form of garden pots built from ice cream dust. It’s just awesome to look at, plus it’s ice cream.

But the winner for intriguingly weird and possibly wonderful has to go to Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried hot sauce balls. They sound like they could be the most fantastic deep fried ball ever, or a big, spicy, mushy let down. You can decide for yourself!