The Lego-Inspired Burger Joint You’ve Always Dreamed Of Is Finally Here

Have you suffered severe dental injuries from trying to eat Lego or Duplo between two tasty buns? Well, your problem likely extend beyond food things, but we have some lovely news for you and your bloody mouth.

Grab a napkin and get acquainted with Block Burger. This fast food joint from the Philippines creates burgers inspired by the mighty Lego block and they’re the sort of thing you’d almost feel bad for eating because they look so darn cute. According to Eater, there are ten different burgers for fans of brick-based dining with toppings ranging from mac and cheese to caramelized onions. Not that your gut will know (OR WILL IT?), but there’s also an emphasis on bold color choices from the square food vendor. Red, black and yellow lunch, anyone?

Opened in 2016 by Jergs Correa, the inspiration pulled from the popular toy blocks extends to the restaurant’s decor as well the food. It’s an enticing package, although LEGO might not find this homage to be as appetizing as we do. Block Burger doesn’t have an affiliation with the Gotham-friendly Danish corporation. Hopefully, this won’t lead to any sort of legal jousting. From the looks of things, Lego’s current attitude towards the fast food joint is surprise more than anything else.

(Via Eater & The Telegraph)

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