There’s A Lego Recreation Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Negan Scene For Those Who Can’t Handle The Real Thing

As expected, The Walking Dead season seven premiere did some massive ratings. 20.8 million people tuned in to discover who Negan killed, and we’d estimate that at least 19.8 million of them left feeling pretty awful and disturbed by the whole thing. In fact, if you asked them whether you should bother watching it if you already know who died, a lot would probably tell you to skip it.

But fortunately, we have a potential middle ground for you to explore. There’s a YouTube user out there by the name of Kristo499 who makes elaborate Lego animations of all sorts of pop culture moments. He’s done the bear scene from The Revenant, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He’s also a huge The Walking Dead fan, and has done several of the show’s big moments. Now he’s back with his latest masterpiece: a Lego recreation of the entire Negan scene from the season seven premiere.

So if you want to see who gets it and how exactly it went down, but don’t feel like reliving the explicit blood, guts, and snot version given to us by AMC, watch this Lego version instead. Poor little Lego Abraham and Lego Glenn.