Interrogating A ‘S’moreologist’ On How To Make The World’s Best S’More

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08.10.17 2 Comments

Paws Up

Look, it’s 2017, you’ve seen the artisanal food movement explode and you know all about food media’s dessert obsession. How surprised can you really pretend to be upon learning that a “they thought of everything!” luxury resort employs a mustachioed “S’moreologist”? Is it truly a shock to the system to learn that a handsome young man helps guests cultivate their personal s’more ethos? Are you surprised that the world that brought you “hand sharpened pencils” might also contain grownups who commit their lives to chocolate and marshmallow smushed between graham crackers?

Well don’t be. The S’moreologist is real. His name is Conor Dannis and his gig isn’t some PR stunt — The Resort at Paws Up has employed a s’more expert for years now.

Don’t rush to hate just yet. As Uproxx Publisher Jarret Myer says, “We can complain about artisinal coffee or admit that people who spend their days obsessing over the stuff get pretty fucking good at making it.” Same goes here. Tease the title all you like, but the Paws Up S’moreologist is good at what he does. Which is why we decided to sit down with him on National S’more Day, to learn from the guru of graham.

Paws Up

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