It’s National S’mores Day, Here Are The Best 16 Ways To Celebrate

08.10.16 3 years ago


It’s that time of year again, when we set a few precious moments aside to appreciate the s’more. We’ve been enjoying the simple (yet occasionally elegant) fireside dessert for nearly a century, since its sweet, sweet invention in the early 20th century. The world may have changed since then, but s’mores are still the perfect way to give yourself an end-of-evening sugar rush as the fire dies down and the ghost stories start. The nation agrees with this sentiment — between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, Americans buy over 25 million six-packs of Hershey’s chocolate bars, which is enough chocolate to make over 300 million s’mores. That’s not to mention how many sexual-appetite-curbing grahams we devour.

Still not convinced that it’s time to do like The Sandlot crew and make a s’more? Would you believe that today is National S’Mores Day? You’d have to be some sort of a summertime Grinch to deny yourself the sugary treat on the very day of its celebration. No campfire? No problem. Just fire up your stovetop burner, or broil some marshmallows in the toaster oven. And no need to stick to the simple graham cracker/chocolate/marshmallow equation, either. We’ve got you covered: below are 16 different options to tease your palate, from the fancy DIY kit for the gourmand to the savory/sweet variation for the bacon lover. Whether you want to stay in or go out to celebrate this wondrous occasion, you’ll find a recipe that will have you asking for seconds and thirds…and… hey, we’re not judging.

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