A Man Went To Extreme Measures To Prevent His Girlfriend From Going On Vacation Without Him

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Shakespeare makes a valid, flowery point: the course of true love never did run smooth. We all face obstacles in attracting love, but the real problem seems to be maintaining love. If competitive reality television has taught us anything (and you know it has), it’s that it is easy to fall in love, but quite difficult to force the other person to love you back. This engenders a kind of paranoia that leads people to act like complete and utter nutters when they suspect perfidy. Just ask the girl who tried to drive her SUV up her ex’s butt or the one who ruined Game of Thrones for her ex-boyfriend. But, these petty jealous acts have nothing on the dude who called in a bomb threat to keep his girlfriend stateside.

Queens resident Danesh Gomanie, 33, had a few beers and called 911 on July 27 to alert authorities to a woman he claimed was carrying “a bomb and/or drugs” (gotta cover all the bases) on Caribbean Airlines flight No. 527, traveling from Kennedy Airport to Guyana on July 29. His reason? She was leaving on a trip without him and he feared she might re-connect with her ex-husband. Yes, sir, much better that she should connect with federal law enforcement.

In an effort to maintain a level of secrecy, he told the operator his last name was “Singh.” But, he also made the call from his personal cell phone, so the attempt was weak at best. It didn’t take long for the authorities to trace the call back to the phone and to seek out the address associated with it; it was his father’s. When FBI investigators questioned him, Gomanie’s dad identified the woman reported in the call as his son’s girlfriend.

The pieces kept falling into place, and it wasn’t long before they interviewed both Gomanie and his girlfriend. He confessed, and she admitted they had a quarrel about her impending trip. “It’s just jealousy,” said the girlfriend, according to the New York Daily News. “We’re back together. I forgive him.” So forgiven was he that FBI officers arriving to arrest him early Tuesday morning found the two in bed together. There is someone for everyone, even the guy who drunk dials 911 and falsely reports you for a federal crime.

Baffled by this love connection? So is Gomanie’s father. “I don’t know what they see in each other,” Devanand Gomanie said. “I told him to find someone younger and have children.” Yikes.

(Via New York Daily News)

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