This Guy Went Fishing And Caught The 3,000 Pound Shark From ‘JAWS’


You know what’s fun? Going out on a boat, getting drunk, and pretending to catch some fish when all you really want to be doing is taking a nap and talking some sh*t with your friends. You know what’s even more fun? Coming back from your fishing adventure with the story of how you accidentally hooked a 3,000 pound shark that’s straight out of a horror movie and even more terrifying than the terrible monsters of the deep we saw earlier this week. And you know what’s even more fun than that? That a Hilton Head (South Carolina) fisherman gets to claim exactly that, because he just tagged and released a Great White the likes of which haven’t been seen before (at least not on his boat!).

Bro Bible reports that the shark, which we’ll show you below and which will terrify you (so get ready), isn’t the first shark that Outcast Sport Fishing got this month. In fact, they hooked two sharks on the day that they caught the Great White, but, unfortunately, were only able to get a meet-and-greet with the big guy. That’s actually fine. Who needs to hang out with more than one shark per day? It sounds like it would be a little excessive.

Here’s the pic:

Uh, that shark looks pissed.

What’s even more impressive is that the shark kept swimming into the motor, so the captain had to continue moving the boat around so his new friend wouldn’t accidentally get sliced into bits in his attempts. But despite the shark’s best efforts, he was caught, tagged for research purposes, and then gently released to go terrorize more fish and give us nightmares because, you guys, that thing’s out there swimming!

This is why we shouldn’t go into the water! Let the sharks eat the fish; we’ll stick to pools.