The ‘Archburger’ Is A Step Forward In McDonald’s Quest To Court Adults

01.09.18 3 months ago 8 Comments


Like many in my generation, I grew up eating McDonald’s. I had my 5th birthday there, and still remember biting into my first Chicken McNugget, back in 1983. It was our go-to lunch destination lunch throughout high school, too — where you could score a variety of foods off the dollar menu with money earned from a minimum wage job.

After graduating, my trips to the arches became less frequent. McDonald’s strength has always been appealing to kids and broke teens. Remember that the Happy Meal was nothing short of a fast food revelation, after all. That’s not to say I never go anymore, I do. Usually when I need a jolt of nostalgia from days gone by.

But McDonald’s doesn’t just want me and my ilk when we’re craving a trip down memory lane. It wants us to visit on the regular again. And how does the fast food giant hope to unlock our customer base? Smart sourcing and ecological practices, that’s how. It’s a process that the company has been paying attention to for a long time (with the move to cage free eggs and less filler in the McNuggets) that peaked last week — when McDonald’s upped its menu offerings, with a new made-to-order burger that would never know the confines of a freezer.

The move seemed specifically aimed at the adult consumer and, in my case, it worked. I was intrigued and wanted to test it.


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