McDonald’s Chocolate Fries Are Actually Super Delicious

Remember last week when we told you that McDonald’s Japan was selling chocolate-covered fries to a very excited public? We’ve finally got a report on how they taste, and it turns out they’re pretty good. Are they the best thing you’ve ever eaten? Nope. But if you love the mixture of sweet and salty and live in Japan, you might want to give these a try. At least once.

The major disappointment is that the fries don’t come pre-drizzled with chocolate. Aside from the fact that they come in a special box, there’s really nothing that differentiates them from the fries you’d get with your Happy Meal. The chocolate sauces (milk and white!) are stored in a separate package and you have to put the whole thing together yourself. It’s like movie nachos (also a huge disappointment).

If you don’t live where these are sold, you might want to consider just buying some fries and dunking them in a bottle of chocolate syrup. Or Strawberry syrup. Any kind of syrup you like, actually. If chocolate on fries tastes good, can you imagine how amazing a peanut butter candy shell would?

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