The McRib Has Returned And There’s An App So You Can Find It

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For centuries, the elusive McDonald’s curiosity known simply as the McRib has frustrated fans of weird fast food sandwiches with its limited time status. Are they delicious or is the uncertainty of their existence what’s really mouthwatering? TOUGH QUESTIONS IN THESE TOUGH TIMES, NOVELTY MENU ITEM FANS!

The McRib has reemerged from suspended animation once again and this time McDonald’s has made our sauce-slathered lives easier by providing a helpful McRib app. As noted by Brand Eating, the McRib’s return is a “select locations” sort of deal, so if you’re in a McRib-friendly area, this is a tool you can use to alert your friends to your temporary stockpile of limited time sandwiches.

Here’s the bubbly bit of prose McDonald’s has paired their new app:

The McRib is back! And this year, finding a McRib and sharing the love is easier and more fun than ever. With the official McDonald’s McRib Finder app, you can find the McRib at a participating McDonald’s nearby, then share it with your friends—all without leaving Messages.

The downside for McRib enthusiasts is that the app is currently only available as an iPhone and iPad option. Android users will have continue hunting for McRibs the same way they would in the 17th century

(Via Brand Eating)