McDonald’s Has Crafted A Nutella Burger For Your Gorging Pleasure

The Mac Tonight spawning laboratory that is McDonald’s has gotten into a nice groove of experimentation of late. New menu ideas, new dining approaches and new techniques for getting customers not to look at hardcore sex while eating McNuggets. Tweaking and tinkering has become the new norm for wherever on the globe the Golden Arches happen to be standing and now the Italian branch of this clown farm is diving deep into the world of spread decadence.

According to Brand Eating (by way of Eater), Italy’s McDonald’s locations carry the curious menu item that is the Nutella burger. Presented as a dessert option, the “Sweety con Nutella” is a pretty straightforward offering. It’s a bun, Nutella and the way of the ancients. There’s no meat in the bun which is (presumably) good news for vegetarians down to gorge and who’s going to tell on you if you sneak a beef party in your McDonald’s treat? Grimace? He’s not the boss of you!

This Instagram video nestled below should serve as a worthwhile visual aid and Katy Perry‘s “Firework” playing the background adds to the big reveal drama.

Would you scarf down a Nutella burger or twelve? Give your verdict in the comments. Or say it into a bullhorn. You’re empowered to make your own novelty burger discussion choices.

(Via Brand Eating & Eater)