‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’ Doesn’t Drink Dos Equis Anymore Because Everything Was A Lie

Now that Dos Equis has officially retiredThe Most Interesting Man in the World,” you’d have to assume that Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who played him, has a lot of spare time on his hands to hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio and a bunch of leggy blonde models on a private yacht in Ibiza or go golfing with Spuds MacKenzie and the Coors Light Twins, or whatever it is retired beer mascots do with their time.

So it should come as no surprise that Goldsmith was spotted having a drink and a cigar on the roof of Washington, D.C.’s luxurious Graham Hotel on Thursday night, but according to an eyewitness, the former pitchman was not having himself a Dos Equis.

Come again? Wha wha whaaaat? It’s almost as if advertising and marketing is completely made up and we’ve been having lies fed to us our entire lives.

Perhaps because he’s no longer the pitchman for Dos Equis beer (his famous tagline: “stay thirsty, my friends”), Goldsmith wasn’t sipping a cold brew, a spy tells us, but instead ordered a mixed drink of Don Julio tequila and OJ.

The spy says Goldsmith, whose rugged looks and thick beard made him recognizable to fellow patrons, was “extremely kind” to fellow patrons.

Tequila and orange juice?? Come on, man. If it were a nice glass of scotch or a Manhattan, that would be one thing, but tequila and orange juice is like something a poor college student would make if they wanted a margarita, but could not afford real margarita ingredients. (The fact that it was Don Julio tequila does not get him off the hook.)

That’s the problem with idols. When it comes down to it, they’re still only human. The most interesting man in the world just got a little bit less interesting. :(

(via WaPo)