The Most Powerful Protest Signs From Today’s National Student Walkouts


Gun advocates like to point to the second amendment as giving them the unalienable power to have as many and whatever guns they want (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t), but today, we point to the power of the amendment that truly makes America great. Teens from all over the country exercised the first amendment — the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for change — as they walked out of schools, assembled, and said, “Enough,” to the adults who continually put money and votes ahead of their safety.

They marched, chanted, and held up protest signs that showed that the time for change is now. And the generation who will make a difference in gun control legislation is coming into their own. They’re scared, they’re smart, they’re articulate, and they’re angry as Hell that this still has to be protested over.

Below are some of the most powerful signs we found from today’s walk outs. They inspire us with their cleverness, their emotional kick, and their succinct condemnation of legislators who would abandon them rather than enact sensible gun control legislation.

“We Are The Change We Wish To See In The World.”

“Protect Lives. Not Guns.”

“Yes. Guns Kill.”

“Sympathy doesn’t save lives.”

“We will not go quietly.”

“There is seriously something WRONG with a country that thinks healthcare is a privilege but owning a gun is a right.”

“Not. One. More.”

“Arm me with books not guns.”

“We are students. We are victims. We are change.”


“Love not Guns.”

“I should be writing my college essay, not my will.”

“Classrooms not warzones”

“Our will for change is stronger than your fear of it.”

“Not today, Satan. NRA.