This Halloween’s Spookiest Story Includes A Very Old House, A Moaning Ghost, And A Corgi

10.31.16 3 years ago 2 Comments
[This story comes to us from friend-of-Uproxx and National Book Award winner M.T. Anderson]

It’s tough being an atheist who lives in a haunted house. You’re constantly bothered by the moaning of people suffering in an afterlife you don’t believe in.

I’ve lived in “haunted” houses before, but since I categorically do not believe in ghosts (despite being an occasional writer of horror stories), that hasn’t been a problem. I staunchly refused to believe the reports of laughter in the basement or dead men muttering outside my bedroom door.

Recently, I bought the 18th Century house of my dreams in rural Vermont – central chimney, a beehive oven, paneling in all the rooms – a real witch-burner.

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