NatGeo Wants To Send You On The Adventure Of A Lifetime Through Africa

01.09.17 3 years ago

As a faithful follower of all that is Uproxx Life, Travel & Adventure, you’ve seen dozens of stories about people traveling the world on someone else’s dime, living out of their vans and getting paid for it, and checking off every item on their bucket lists before hitting twenty-eight. Essentially, people living the life you dream of. But our goal here is to give you the chance to do those things yourself — because we believe that the nomad lifestyle is one that is accessible to anyone who is willing to stretch even the slightest bit to grab it.

Lucky for you, NatGeo Wild is making that stretch feel more like a gentle yoga pose and less like a medieval torture rack through their Wild To Inspire Film contest. If you’re passionate about wildlife, know a thing or two about filmmaking, have an Instagram account, and want a free trip to Africa, here’s your chance to stop dreaming and start living.

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