Thank You For Making The World Look Amazing — 29 Awesome 2015 Travel Instagrams

Either the world looked amazing this year (climate change is slimming) or smartphone camera technology has finally gotten that good. Each time we refresh our Instagram feeds we’re hit with a wave of (wander)lust. The heat builds. The fever hits.

One can only take so much (travel)porn before something has to give. The plane tickets must be purchased and the car must be packed. The uncharted demands charting.

In 2015, you posted the travel photos that kept the rest of us fired up and oh by gosh by golly it just keeps on coming. Parts of the world that seemed impossibly far-off now seem like must-visit travel destinations. They seem attainable. If you went there and posted about it, why can’t we? Your photos have inspired us and urged us on. You’ve shown us the world and shown us that we too can see it for ourselves.

On behalf of us the frustrated Instagram viewer, we thank you.

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Sometimes you just need to dance.

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hey baby, sky's on fire

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