The Grasshopper Invasion In Nevada Is So Bad That One Restaurant Is Putting The Bugs On Pizza


If you’re one to get squeamish about bugs, close this tab immediately because you’re straight up not going to be able to handle this. Grasshoppers have completely invaded Las Vegas and the situation has gotten so out of control that one Nevada restaurant is taking the lemons (in this case grasshoppers) that life has thrown at them, and making lemonade out of them. And by lemonade, we mean bug pizza.

The Vegas-based restaurant Evel Pie has started to sell pizzas that use grasshoppers as the main ingredient for a pie they’re calling The Canyon Hopper. “What started out as a joke amongst our stoner friends has swept the nation. When you all were fighting over pineapple on pizza our pizza chefs were planning one better — The Canyon Hopper! Only the bravest daredevils may try,” writes Evel Pie on their Facebook page.

Since unveiling the special pizza, the Canyon Hopper has gone viral, with several publications covering and tasting the pie.

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This is it….Grasshopper pizza

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The Canyon Hopper consists of chorizo, goat cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, and lime and garlic-roasted grasshoppers so it would appear that the pie isn’t Instagram-stunt food by any means. There seems to be careful attention to ingredients here, it looks dare we say, delicious.

But Canyon Hopper aside, what is going on in Las Vegas that is causing grasshoppers to rain from the sky, crash into pedestrian faces, and ultimately crunch under frightened shoes? Jeff Knight, an entomologist at the Nevada Department of Agriculture, told Fox News that increased rainfall is to blame. “When we have a wet winter or springs, these things build up often down below Laughlin and even into Arizona.”

Swarms have been massive enough to register on the National Weather Service’s radar, who released footage last week showing a large swarm that resembled an incoming storm. Reports show that Las Vegas has had more rain in the last six months than their annual average.

You’ve seen the pizza, now check out the chaos below, it’s a f*cking plague!