Nothing Will Make You Happier Than This Marriage Proposal At NYC Pride


After the horrifying shooting in Orlando earlier this month, Pride events in London and LA have seen record numbers of people pouring into the streets to support acceptance and equality. This past weekend, New York had to prepare for its largest Pride event in history as massive numbers came out for quiet moments of mourning and very active protests for gun control. In the thick of it all, however, there were intimate moments of absolute beauty across the community and between couples. Like when two members of the NYC fire department decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

“We wanted to walk in the parade in honor of the 49 victims. At the same time, I wanted to give Erika something positive to remember from the parade,” said FDNY EMT Julianna Arroyo about her fiancée, FDNY EMT Erika Marrero, on the FDNY facebook page. Arroyo enlisted the help of her family and an unseen man on a mic to really give Marrero something special.

The above video of the proposal was recently put up by the FDNY Facebook page, and the comment section has exploded with praises of support and gratitude:

This video and the ensuing comments just go to show that through love and understanding, things seem to turn out alright.