Peloton Lady’s Story Gets Its Conclusion Thanks To Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin

By now, even if you haven’t seen the now-viral Peloton commercial, you’ve at the very least heard about it. Real quick, it goes like this: man gifts his already-fit wife a Peloton exercise bike, woman, inexplicably terrified, makes a vlog of herself using the Peloton for a year, woman and man watch the year she’s vlogged on their living room TV. If you think we’re leaving out some details for that story to make any sense — you’re wrong. Though there are a lot of easter eggs that speak to a bigger Pela-world full of emotionally damaged children and traumatized cyber friends. Speculating on the exact nature of the WASPy hellscape the couple calls their home is half the fun.

Naturally, as the internet does, we’ve all spent the last few days dissecting and obsessing over the 30-second ad, titled, “The Gift That Gives Back,” and the unreadable Mona Lisa-like emotions of the woman who the internet has affectionately — or not-so-affectionately — dubbed, Peloton Girl. However, perhaps unsatisfied with all the unanswered questions inspired by the ad, Ryan Reynolds took things into his own hands to give us the happy ending we (and Peloton Girl) deserve.

In an ad for Reynolds’ Aviation Gin called, “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back,” we see Peloton Girl once again, same intense but unreadable expression, a wider shot cuts to her friends, looking as puzzled as concerned as anyone who has seen the ad feels.

Finally, she says, “This gin is really smooth.” Her friends assure her, “you’re safe here” before she says, “To new beginnings.” It’s quite simply the greatest ad we’ve seen all year. Keep your fingers crossed that there’s a trilogy.