Meet The Designer Of The Coolest Treehouses In The World

08.04.17 8 months ago 2 Comments

Animal Planet

Pete Nelson’s treehouses may evoke a childlike sense of wonder, but they are most decidedly not for kids. Nelson, who has been designing and building treehouses for 25 years, creates the sort of romantic, cool treehouse that you’d dream of stumbling upon in the woods, and then holing up in for days (or weeks) — drinking whiskey and writing the next great American novel. They’re elegant and rustic all at once.

“I’m all about grownup treehouses,“ Nelson says. His houses may be minimalistic in terms of size, but his designs are a beautiful blend of natural elements and the modern touches of luxury resort cabins.Still, he doesn’t let the luxury aspect distract from the main goal — to build homes that feel at one with the woods that surround them.

“The idea,” Nelson continues, “which is really a difficult balance, is to blend in as much as you can. Out here with these magnificent trees, trying to blend in to nature is the first major effort when you’re drawing. When you think that it’s really two or three hundred square feet up into a tree, it’s hard to hide it. But I always try to make sure that the tree is taking center stage. When you’re headed out into the woods, you hopefully have a little mystery to it. You’re going to be having to search for it a little bit.”

Animal Planet