Stay At One Of These Strange Hotels To Make The ‘Summer Of 17’ Memorable

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#Summer17 is almost here, which means that you have an important decision: Where will you stay on your vacation? For many, a hotel room isn’t a major part of the overall experience (“I’m just here to sleep”), but staying somewhere fun — even if it’s not swanky — can make the difference between a good trip and a great one.

To help you decide where to spend your hard-earned vacation coins, we’ve put together this list of the wildest hotels that you can book right now. (Yep, even the one that’s made of ice! Especially the one that’s made of ice.)

Live out your Aquaman fantasies.

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Подводно-надводный отель "Manta Resort" у острова Пемба, Танзания. Номер безопасно крепится посреди огромного океана и даёт возможность полюбоваться богатым морским миром. Безусловной изюминкой номера является подводная спальня. С наступлением ночи специально освещённая платформа привлекает разнообразных редких морских существ. Рыбы-ласточки, морской бекас, кальмары, осьминоги непременно приплывут в гости и прильнут к оконному стеклу, через которое открывается обзор в 360°.

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Have you ever wanted to sleep with the fishes? At the Manta Resort in Tanzania, you can. But that’s not the only thing you’ll be doing. Each “underwater room” is part of a three-level suite that’s just floating in the water. Above the waves, you’ll enjoy a lounge and a rooftop deck, plus warm water that you can dive into right from the suite itself. When you’re ready, you can head on down to the bottom floor, where a cozy bedroom with near 360-degree views of underwater splendor awaits.

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