This Pizza Stuffed Pizza Topped With Even More Pizza Is A Majestic Thing Of Beauty

If you’re not following Kyle Marcoux, a.k.a. “The Vulgar Chef” on Instagram, you need to rectify that immediately. His culinary creations are “food porn” in the truest sense of the words, so much that if you ever did try to replicate them at home, you’d have to do so in a darkened room with the curtains pulled while crying. Triumphantly proclaiming his catchphrase #EatLikeShit, Marcoux has created recipes such as an IRL Meat Tornado and this cheeseburger made with french fry buns — however, this recent creation might take the cake… er, pizza.

Marcoux has come up with the ultimate pizza lover’s masterpiece by taking a pizza and stuffing it with more pizza and topping it with even more pizza. Or as he says in the video’s description, “Yo, dawg…I heard you like pizzas…so we put pizzas on your pizza with pizza inside so you can pizza while you pizza.”

I don’t want to give his secrets away without watching the video, but let’s just say it’s a multi-pronged pizza attack involving homemade pizza, store-bought frozen pizza, and — the piece de resistance of the dish — Bagel Bites on top, much like jewels encrusting the beautiful crown that it is. **makes Italian finger-kissing gesture** Bellissimo!

While you’re at it, check out a few photos of the finished product on Instagram: