The ‘French Fry Burger Bomb’ Is The Most Disgusting And Brilliant Burger You’ve Never Eaten

woman with giant burger

If you thought we had reached the final frontier of burgers with Carl’s Junior’s “hot dog and potato chip” insanity from yesterday, you’ve got another think coming: there’s an even wilder, greasier and more delicious-looking burger that just entered the deep fryer. And it’s going to make you wildly uncomfortable because the bun is made out of french fries. I thought we lived in a civilized society!

The Vulgar Chef, whose purpose in life is helping you “eat like sh*t” and putting bacon into (almost) everything, came up with this idea just yesterday and it is glorious. Check out a picture of this amazing monstrosity:

Details on how to make this in your very own home (warning: have a defibrillator on hand) can be found on The Vulgar Chef’s site, and it’s a surprisingly easy recipe. All you need are some hamburgers, fries, cheese, and anything else you want to stick into your heart-stopping burger of doom. Not mentioned on the site is the fact that you’re also going to need a doctor on standby. Feed these to the ones you love (yourself)!

(Via The Vulgar Chef)