You Should Plan Your Next Move Using This Map Of Pizza Places Per Capita

If you’re planning a move soon to a different part of the country, you should use the best possible metrics to do so. For most people, that would be real estate prices, school system data, employment rates, etc. But for smart people, people like you and I, the only way to decide on where to move is obviously this Estately map of where pizza is most popular in these beautiful United States of America. While there are surely other factors to consider, like the quality of the pizza and the ingredients used, this is a pretty good start. Your best bets are West Virginia, a definite underdog to take that spot, and Delaware, which is close enough to New York that it at least makes sense as a pizza overflow location.

Plus, West Virginia also googles “pepperoni” more than any other state ,which is an advantage purely on taste levels. Other fun facts about pizza-related searches based on state?

Rhode Island Googles “pizza” more than any other state.

Colorado and Washington state Google “pizza delivery” way more than other states.

Wisconsin Googles “frozen pizza” more than any other state.

California Googles “gluten-free pizza” more than any other state, which is what you’d expect from a state that shows little enthusiasm for pizza.

Oklahoma Googles “stuffed crust” more than any other state

New York residents search for the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen song “Gimme Pizza” more than residents of other states.

Of all of those, New York has by far the best fun fact and more states should take their lead by googling food-related Mary-Kate and Ashley musical numbers. Or really any Mary-Kate and Ashley musical numbers, even if they aren’t food-related. You can never go wrong with a good costumed singalong.

The bottom 10 states in the pizza per capita race don’t have anything to be ashamed about either. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas all have delicious tacos to look forward to anytime of day. Hawaii is Hawaii, of course. Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi all have an amazing range of Southern food. And Utah has…well, sorry, Utah. You should get more pizza places in the near future so you can work your way out of 46th place.

(Via Estately)