This Pride Proposal Took It To The Next Level With A Choreographed Dance Routine

Pride parades are all about taking things to their most exuberant extreme so, one year out from marriage equality becoming the law of the land, why shouldn’t that include marriage proposals? John Rabbia whipped up an insane proposal to his boyfriend Michael Richman, popping the question in the middle of NYC Pride supported by a group of choreographed flag twirlers. Rabbia and Richman are both members of the Pride flag twirlers called The Flaggots, so Rabbia worked up a secret routine that would end in him on bended knee. Rabbia says the routine was so intricate that it didn’t leave him any time to get nervous.

“The routine itself, there was so much to keep track of and you don’t want to look like a fool,” Rabbia told BuzzFeed News. “I almost had to not think about the fact that I was about to propose because I didn’t want to screw up.”

Luckily, the routine went off without a hitch. Oh, and Richman said yes,. The duo switched into matching tank tops that proclaimed “He said yes” and “I asked, he said yes.” The video of Rabbia’s intricate proposal has gone mega-viral since the parade on June 26, with Rabbia saying that some of his relatives found out about his engagement before he could reach them.

Richman told Buzzfeed that he believes the post is blowing up because it’s a positive thing for the LGBT community in the wake of the unspeakable tragedy in Orlando.

“The Orlando tragedy was so heartbreaking and everyone in the community was so upset and devastated,” he said. “It’s nice there’s a ray of sunshine at the end. There are new beginnings and our community is resilient. Maybe it gives people something to latch onto.”

Rabbia and Richman were far from the only people putting rings on it at NYC Pride. The internet at large has also been sharing in the joy of two members of the NYC fire department that decided to spend the rest of their days together.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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