These People’s Most Seinfeld-ian Breakup Excuses Will Make You Feel Like A Saint

08.08.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

If you’ve ever watched more than an episode or two of Seinfeld, then you’ll know that the whole crew is pretty picky about the people they choose to date. (Well, most of the crew…George Constanza is usually the one being broken up with.)

Case in point: Man Hands, the Close Talker, the Two-Face, the question of being “sponge-worthy,” and on and on the list of the dumped goes. So notorious for heartless dumping are the Seinfeld crew that an incident even makes it into that 9/11 spec script.

Turns out, people are picky in real life, too — and they’re happy to talk about it on Reddit. This weekend, uglypanda237 asked the question, “What’s your most Seinfeld-like reason for ending a relationship?” The answers would make Jerry proud.

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